Musical Instruments

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  1. Definemensional Harmontics: Conceptualize Recapitulation
  2. Fender Rincon Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case, Tuner, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD
  3. Genelec M030 5" Two-Way Active Studio Monitor
  4. Caline Drifter Flugelhorn Mute (CP-37)
  5. LARSEN Viola Strings (LVA-AMEDB)
  6. Larsen 4/4 Violin A String Medium Aluminum-Alloy
  7. Larsen Rosin "Antiallergic" red (cello)
  8. Larsen Rosin "Antiallergic" (viola)
  9. Larsen Rosin for Violin
  10. Larsen Cello Rosin
  11. Larsen Rosin for Viola
  12. Larsen Rosin for Cello, Red
  13. Larsen 4/4 Violin A String Soft Aluminum-Alloy
  14. Larsen Cello Rosin
  15. dbx® 1066 Dual-channel compressor/limiter/gate
  16. SX HPA-301 Headphone Guitar Amp
  17. SX HPA-301 Headphone Guitar Amp
  18. Yamaha P45B 88-key digital piano